Entertainers Most Especially Artists Don’t Understand the Difference Between Blogging a Song And Promoting It.

Lets Elaborate Properly for you.

Blogging Is what majority of Entertainers(Artists) do and know about. When you blog your song that’s Dropping it on a website/Blog for free download, and most of you stop there without doing any proper promotion on the song.

 Lemme explain what i mean, lets say you drop your song on one of the big Nigeria music sites and they might charge u 50k just for your song to be on their site, and then they will state that you will have at least 200k downloads, which i find that hard to believe.
Let me use the example by asking a general question, “how many time have you gone to big sites and start downloading songs of artist you haven’t even heard their name before or have no idea about them”? My answer is 5% out of 100%. This is because Musical artists are so many in the industry right now and right now People are always in a hurry there’s basically no time to start trying to discover new or Random artist who puts less effort in promoting their Brand.

When you pay big amount to put your songs on Big Sites you will be the one to Share links and start asking your friends to help share your links..

But DYC Blogs/Promotions Handles More That Just Blogging Your Song We Have Good and Different Strategies and Good a Very Team who will help you get Your Music and Carrier to a Better Position. Our charges are very Adorable i.e we Work/Promote you with the Budget you have for Your Promotion.

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